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True Wealth is Enjoying What Matters Most.
That is the Platinum Standard.

Whether you are beginning your career, starting a family, sending your kids off to college, preparing for retirement, or getting your affairs in order, we put together all the pieces of your financial plan, so that you can live with confidence and the satisfaction that comes with it.

Financial planning can be complex and overwhelming, which is why so many unfortunately delay or sadly don’t ever get around to it. There are so many questions, and so many options. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our commitment is to make the process simple and easy, while also bringing the best possible resources to the table to address all of the areas of your financial plan, helping you to reach your goals, while building a lasting relationship together that you can count on for years to come.

Welcome to Platinum Wealth Management Group

Welcome to Platinum Wealth Management Group

Every day we put our combined 100+ years of experience together to help hundreds of families stay ahead of whatever is coming next. Our team of financial professionals will work together to help you design a strategy that you can understand and implement, addressing not only your financial concerns, but tax, insurance, and estate planning issues as well. We believe that wealth management is not just for the wealthy, but that every person and every family deserves the best possible services and resources available that strives to give them confidence and peace of mind. That is the Platinum Standard.

Our clients commonly ask us about:

Mutual Funds

Fixed Annuities

Variable Annuities

Managed Accounts

401(k), 403(b), and 457 Plans

Financial Strategy and Planning

Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Estate Plan Funding

Tax Reduction Strategies

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