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Estate Funding Strategies

Many families have spent a great deal of time and energy developing estate plans to easily pass their assets on to their heirs. Unfortunately, many of these same families receive generic advice in funding their estate plans and in some circumstances, actually create more harm than good.

At Platinum Wealth Management Group, Inc., we believe that proper estate funding should include thoughts not only about how and when will the assets be distributed, but in what manner. We focus on how your estate plan addresses both Federal Estate and Federal Gift taxes. We also carefully analyze the consequences your beneficiaries might encounter as a result of inheriting assets that may contain years of deferred income.

Ever changing estate planning laws and tax laws may have an impact on your current estate plan. We believe that effective estate plan funding strategies are not something you address once in your lifetime, but something that should be reviewed and possibly adjusted annually. In order to better service our clients, we have forged referral relationships with some of the best Estate Planning Attorneys in Michigan. These highly qualified licensed professionals are able to review and adapt your plans as your family’s circumstances and applicable laws change.