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IRA / 401K Rollover and Stretching Strategies

With the future of pension payments uncertain in Michigan and Social Security struggling to adapt for inflation, it is now more important than ever that families help provide for their future with their own savings and investment plans.

Careful plans need to be put in place so that your Individual Retirement Accounts and 401k plans are fighting inflation while providing degrees of protection. We at Platinum Wealth Management Group, Inc. have utilized innovative retirement tools that help protect your retirement funds while fighting inflation. We believe that not only is it important that your assets are in tact, but that they also have your expected purchasing power when you need them most.

Furthering the power of an IRA doesn’t just involve how you benefit from your IRA, but how your family also benefits from your IRA after your passing. Recent IRS regulations have reversed "stretch" IRA planning opportunities requiring IRA owners to reconsider their beneficiary plans.   At Platinum Wealth Management Group, Inc. we have experience in addressing this type of planning with easy to understand solutions. Find out today how powerful your IRA can be for both you and your family for years to come.